Countries offering Job Seeker Visas (2024)

Countries offering Job Seeker Visa
Countries offering Job Seeker Visa

A Job seeker visa is a provisional visa that grants individuals permission to enter a nation with the specific purpose of seeking employment. I have compiled a comprehensive roster of nations that provide Job Seeker Visas. This visa does not necessitate a pre-existing job offer from the company. Several nations, including Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Germany, UAE, Netherlands, France, and Ireland, have implemented Job Seeker visas. This visa also enables persons to explore the job market and obtain a job offer.

It is crucial to emphasise that after securing employment, it is necessary to acquire a Work Permit in order to legally remain in the nation. A Job seeker visa does not inherently confer the privilege to engage in employment. If you are contemplating applying for a Job seeker visa, please refer to the information below. It contains a comprehensive list of countries that now provide Job seeker visas, along with their specific requirements and a link to the application.

List of Countries that offer Job Seeker Visas

There are currently 5 countries that offer Job seeker visas to foreign applicants. Each country has its requirements and application methods.

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. Sweden
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Portugal
  6. United Kingdom (New)

1) Germany Job Seeker Visa

The German job seeker visa comes with two types:

  • Job seeker (Academic): You need a recognized university degree.
  • Job seeker (Vocational training): Requires vocational qualification.
  • Job offer Required: No
  • Stay Duration: Six Months
  • Visa Cost: €75
  • German Language Required: No
  • Link: Germany Job Seeker Visa

1.1) Germany Opportunity Card

The Opportunity card is another type of Job seeker but it is valid for one year. It also allows individuals to search for employment in Germany. The Opportunity card is based on the Point System and you only need 6 Points to qualify.

  • Read more about the Germany Opportunity Card

2) Austria Job Seeker Visa

Austria offers a Job Seeker Visa, also known as the Red-White-Red Card – Jobseeker, for highly qualified professionals to look for suitable employment. To be eligible for the Job seeker visa, applicants need to score a minimum of 70 points.

  • Job offer Required: No
  • Stay Duration: Six Months
  • Visa Cost: 150
  • Selection Method: Points-Based System
  • Link: Austria Job Seeker Visa

3) UAE Job Seeker Visit Visa

UAE offers Job seeker visas for up to 60,90,180 days to look for employment. It was launched on October 3, 2022. It has several requirements to meet. And you need to be a graduate of any 500 universities in the world.

  • Job offer Required: No
  • Visa Cost:
    • 60-day visa will cost: AED 555.75
    • 90-day visa will cost:  AED 685.75
    • 120-day visa will cost: AED 815.75
  • Selection Method: Must hold a bachelor’s degree
  • Link: UAE Job Seeker Visa

4) Portugal Job Seeker Visa

The Portugal Job seeker visa is popular among all other countries that have job seeker visas. It is valid for 6 months and if you can find a job during this time, then you can apply for a residence permit.

  • Job offer Required: No
  • Stay Duration: 180 Days
  • Visa Cost: €75
  • Link: Portugal Job Seeker Visa

5) Sweden Job Seeker Visa

The Swedish government has introduced this visa in June 2022. And it allows you to stay in the country for 9 months to look for employment. Please check the requirements set by the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • Job offer Required: No
  • Stay Duration: 9 Months
  • Visa Cost: €190
  • Selection Method: You must be educated and have an advanced degreesuch as (a master’s degree, Ph.D., or advanced vocational degree/professional degree).
  • Link: Sweden Job Seeker Visa

6) UK HPI Visa (Job Search Visa)

This new visa was launched by the UK Govt in May 2022. It is called a High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa. This visa allows international applicants to stay in the UK for 2 or 3 years to look for work.

  • Link: UK High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa (Job Search Visa)

List of Countries that offer Residence Permit for Orientation Year

Several countries offer residence permits for an “orientation year”. This allows graduates and skilled professionals to explore career opportunities and potentially secure employment.

Many countries in Europe also offer “Residence Permits for Orientation Year” to foreign applicants to look for employment.

1) France Job seeker Residence Permit

The France Job Seeker Visa is known as a “Job seeker/new business creator”residence permit. It allows you to look for a Job or set up your own company in France. This permit is only available for those who have graduated from a French university.

  • Link: Visit Here

2) Netherlands Residence permit for orientation year

It is known as a “Residence permit for orientation year”. On this Visa, you can search, and work in the Netherlands for one year. To be eligible your educational institution must have been in the top 200 rankings.

  • Link: Visit Here

3) Finland Residence Permit to Look for Work

You can apply for this permit if you have completed a Degree in Finland or Research completed in Finland.

  • Link: Visit Here

Note: Like the Job seeker visa, many countries have Visa options that do not require a Job offer. Countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have several options.

Tips for Securing a Job Seeker Visa

Do Good Research: Before applying check the requirements of each job seeker visa. Check whether is it suitable for you. What types of jobs are in demand in that country? What are the expenses?

This will help you to determine if the country is a good fit for you and if you meet the requirements for the visa.

Make a Strong Resume and Cover Letter: Your resume and cover letter are important documents that will help you to get a job seeker visa. Make sure it is well written and follows the specific template that is required for that country. For example in Europe that follows a Europass CV Format.

Be patient: The process of getting a job seeker visa can be time-consuming. Be patient and don’t give up. Work hard. If you fail, then Restart!

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