10 Best Countries to Move Abroad on a Work Visa in 2024

I am Areeba, your visa guide expert, back with another exciting opportunity for you. If you are itching for a fresh start and dreaming of a new adventure overseas, I have got the scoop on the best countries to consider for a work visa in 2024. Each of these places does not just offer a job but they promise a better quality of life and a chance to spice up your daily routine with some amazing new experiences. Let’s dive into where you could be heading next year!

  1. United Arab Emirates: 

  • Top Employers: Chalhoub Group, Atkins, Nestle
  • Key Cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah
  • Key Professions: Hospitality, Digital Marketing, Real Estate
  • Average Salary: AED 11,500 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 3 years
  • What Makes It Great: The UAE is tax-free with a vast expatriate community, making it a lucrative spot for professionals in various sectors.
  • Need to Know: Requires a company license, medical check-up, and a valid passport for the visa.

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  1. South Korea:

  • Top Employers: Samsung, Hyundai, LG Electronics
  • Key Cities: Seoul, Busan, Incheon
  • Key Professions: IT, Public Relations, Education
  • Average Salary: KRW 3,078,640 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 12 months
  • What Makes It Great: With its high demand for English teachers and a booming tech industry, South Korea offers a vibrant cultural experience alongside career growth.
  • Need to Know: Annual visa renewal required alongside submission of a visa application form, employment contract, and passport.
  1. Germany:

  • Top Employers: Volkswagen, Bosch, Allianz
  • Key Cities: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg
  • Key Professions: Engineering, IT, Healthcare
  • Average Salary: €3,975 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 4 years
  • What Makes It Great: Known for its strong economy and high quality of life, Germany is perfect for professionals looking for a balanced work environment.
  • Need to Know: Applicants need health insurance, an employment contract, and a cover letter.

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  1. France:

  • Top Employers: L’Oreal, Orange, Microsoft
  • Key Cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille
  • Key Professions: Fashion, Web Development, Data Analysis
  • Average Salary: €2,340 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 12 months
  • What Makes It Great: France combines a strong work-life balance with robust labor laws, making it ideal for careers in fashion and technology.
  • Need to Know: Requires a formal work permit, visa application, and travel documents.
  1. Canada: 

  • Top Employers: Google, Scotiabank, KPMG
  • Key Cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  • Key Professions: Healthcare, Engineering, Business Management
  • Average Salary: CA $39,000 per year
  • Work Visa Duration: 1-2 years
  • What Makes It Great: Canada’s inclusive culture and high standard of living make it an attractive destination for a diverse range of professionals.
  • Need to Know: Visa application requires proof of financial means, a medical exam, and an English proficiency test.

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  1. The Netherlands:

  • Top Employers: Philips, ASML, Unilever
  • Key Cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague
  • Key Professions: IT, Media, Sustainability
  • Average Salary: €3,333 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 3 years
  • What Makes It Great: The Netherlands is renowned for its open culture and innovative workspaces, especially in the tech and creative sectors.
  • Need to Know: Applicants must have a work permit and health insurance.
  1. Singapore:

  • Top Employers: SingTel, Amazon, DBS Bank
  • Key Cities: Jurong, Sengkang
  • Key Professions: IT, Healthcare, Financial Services
  • Average Salary: $5,700 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 2 years
  • What Makes It Great: Singapore’s strategic location and business-friendly environment make it a powerhouse for career-minded professionals.
  • Need to Know: Employment pass, visa application form, and passport are needed for the visa process.

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  1. Australia:

  • Top Employers: Google, IBM, Oracle
  • Key Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • Key Professions: IT, Cybersecurity, Project Management
  • Average Salary: AU $90,000 per year
  • Work Visa Duration: 5 years
  • What Makes It Great: Australia’s strong economy and vibrant lifestyle offer a dynamic environment for professionals in cutting-edge sectors.
  • Need to Know: Visa application requires a job offer letter and valid passport.
  1. Hong Kong: 

  • Top Employers: HSBC, PwC, Standard Chartered
  • Key Cities: Hong Kong Island
  • Key Professions: Finance, IT, Management
  • Average Salary: HK$36,583 per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 36 months
  • What Makes It Great: Hong Kong is known for its dynamic market and high-speed lifestyle, appealing to ambitious professionals.
  • Need to Know: Job offer letter, no criminal record proof, and educational background are necessary for the visa.

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  1. Denmark:

  • Top Employers: Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, EY
  • Key Cities: Copenhagen, Odense
  • Key Professions: IT, Finance, Engineering
  • Average Salary: 45,481 DKK per month
  • Work Visa Duration: 4 years
  • What Makes It Great: Denmark offers a unique blend of job security and high living standards, making it a top choice for those seeking balance and growth.
  • Need to Know: Requires a passport, health insurance, and a contract of employment.


So, when you are thinking about packing up and moving abroad, it is really important to balance the job opportunities with what kind of life you will have there. Whether you are drawn to the UAE for its tax-free perks or you are excited about the creative buzz in The Netherlands, each place has its own special perks that could be just the right fit for your career and your personal growth.