Romania Study Visa Process for International Students – Types and Requirements

If you want to apply to study in Romania, this guide is for you. It has all the details you need to know to get started with your visa application and the important information you need beforehand. We will cover the types of visas available, the requirements, and how to apply.

Understanding the Romania Long-Stay Study Visa (D/SD)

If you are planning to study in Romania for more than 90 days and you are from outside the European Union, you will need to apply for a Romania long-stay visa, specifically the D/SD visa. This visa allows you to stay in Romania for educational purposes, whether you are pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies, or participating in training programs.

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Benefits of Studying in Romania

Romania offers a modern and efficient educational system. International students can benefit from scholarships, including the Romania government scholarship provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which covers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. This scholarship can cover tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses for the duration of your studies.

Work While Studying

With a Romania study visa, you are permitted to work part-time for up to four hours a day without needing a separate work permit. This allows you to gain practical experience and support yourself financially while studying.

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Requirements for a Romania Study Visa

Before applying for a Romania study visa, ensure you have the following documents:

  • Acceptance Letter

You must have an acceptance letter from a Romanian university. This confirms your admission and is an important part of your visa application.

  • Ministry of Education Approval

Once you have the acceptance letter, you need to obtain approval from the Romanian Ministry of Education to study in Romania.

  • Tuition Payment Proof

If you are not on a scholarship, you must provide proof that you have paid tuition fees for at least one academic year.

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  • Financial Support Evidence

You need to show proof of sufficient financial resources to support yourself during your stay in Romania. This can include bank statements or a sponsorship letter.

  • Police Clearance Certificate

A police clearance certificate from your home country is required to prove you have no criminal record.

  • Accommodation Proof

You must provide evidence of your accommodation arrangements in Romania. This could be a rental agreement or a letter from your university.

  • Health Insurance

Valid health insurance that covers your entire stay in Romania is mandatory.

  • Application Form and Passport

Fill out the long-stay visa application form, available on the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. You will also need a valid passport and recent passport-sized photos.

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Visa Fee

The application fee for a Romania long-stay visa (D visa) is 120 euros.

How to Apply for the Romania Study Visa?

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

You need to schedule an appointment to submit your visa application. Visit to book your appointment.

Step 2: Submit Application in Person

The visa application must be submitted in person at the Romanian consulate or embassy in your country. Applications sent by mail or courier are not accepted.

Step 3: Gather and Submit Documents

Ensure you have all the required documents ready and submit them along with your completed application form at your appointment.

Step 4: Processing Time

Submit your application at least 45 days before your planned travel date, as processing can take some time.

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Important Resources

By following these steps and making sure you have all the required documents, you can successfully apply for a Romania study visa and enjoy the great educational opportunities in Romania. Remember, careful preparation is important for a smooth application process.