How to Get a Work Visa for Denmark: A Simple and Detailed Guide

Thinking about starting a new chapter of your career in Denmark? It is a fantastic choice! Denmark is not just famous for its Vikings and pastries; it is also known for its excellent work-life balance, stable economy, and welcoming attitude towards professionals from around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at why Denmark might be the perfect place for your career and how to get there step by step.

Why Choose Denmark for Work?

  • Rock-Solid Economy: 

First things first, Denmark has a very stable and thriving economy. This means more job opportunities across various sectors. In fact, there are about 27,000 job openings waiting to be filled by talented folks like you.

  • Earn Well, Live Well: 

On average, people in Denmark earn about 9,477 Euros a year. While this number might change depending on the job, it is a good indication that you can live comfortably here.

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  • Work Less, Enjoy More: 

Danish people work about 33 hours a week, which is less than many other countries. This means you get more time to explore Denmark, spend time with friends and family, or simply relax.

  • Balance is Key: 

In Denmark, having a balance between your work and personal life is not just encouraged; it is a way of life. The Danish culture ensures you have enough time for leisure, hobbies, and loved ones, making it a great place to work and live.

Different Types of Denmark Work Visas

Depending on what you do and how you plan to work, there is a range of work visas:

  • Visa for High-Income Earners

Professionals earning an annual income exceeding 60,180 Euros may qualify for a dedicated visa scheme. This program is designed to attract skilled individuals in high-earning positions to contribute to Denmark’s workforce.

  • The Positive List Scheme

This visa category is reserved for individuals whose professions are in high demand within Denmark. The Positive List is a regularly updated compilation of such in-demand roles, making it simpler for qualified professionals to identify opportunities and apply for the relevant work visa.

  • Fast Track Scheme

For candidates who have secured employment through a recruitment agency, Denmark offers a streamlined visa application process. This Fast Track Scheme ensures a quicker review and processing period, facilitating a more efficient transition for these professionals.

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  • Visa for Interns and Trainees

Denmark recognizes the importance of professional development and learning opportunities. Visas under this category are available for individuals seeking internships or training programs in Denmark, allowing them to gain valuable experience and skills.

  • Agriculture Visa

Specifically tailored for individuals with job offers in the farming sector, this visa category addresses the unique needs of the agriculture industry by facilitating the entry of skilled farmhands and herdsmen into Denmark.

  • Additional Employment Visa

For those already residing and working in Denmark who wish to take on additional employment, there is a visa option that allows for this flexibility. This category enables current residents to expand their work opportunities within the country.

  • Training and Adaptation Visa

Certain professions may require individuals to undergo additional training or adaptation programs in Denmark. Visas in this category are designed to accommodate such needs, ensuring professionals can meet the specific requirements of their roles.

  • Family Reunification Work Visa

Denmark offers visa options for professionals planning to relocate for work while also bringing their family members along. This category facilitates the process of family reunification, allowing families to live together in Denmark.

  • Visa for Individuals with Unique Skills

Recognizing the contribution of unique talents to the cultural and professional landscape, Denmark welcomes artists, athletes, chefs, and other individuals with specialized skills through this visa category.

  • Visa for Family Joining

Individuals moving to Denmark to join family members who are already residents can apply for a visa under this category. This facilitates the process of reuniting families and supports their transition to life in Denmark.

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How to Land a Job in Denmark?

The Danish government makes it easier for international professionals to find work through something called the Positive List. This is a list of professions in high demand in Denmark, updated twice a year. If your profession is on this list, you are in luck! It means Denmark needs your skills, and you might have an easier time applying for a work visa.

Why is Working in Denmark Great?

  • Shorter Workweeks: 

Imagine having a three-day weekend, every week. Some Danish companies offer a four-day workweek without cutting your pay.

  • Vacation Time: 

Denmark is very generous when it comes to vacation. You will have plenty of time to travel or just unwind.

  • Work from Anywhere: 

Remote work is widely accepted in Denmark, offering you the flexibility to work from wherever you feel most productive or comfortable.

  • Secure Your Future: 

Denmark offers excellent pension plans, making sure you are taken care of in your retirement years.

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How to Apply for a Denmark Work Visa?

1. Find Your Fit:

Look at the different visas and pick the one that matches your job offer.

2. Get a Case Order ID:

You will need this number to start your application.

3. Time to Pay:

There is a fee for the application, so make sure you pay it on time.

4. Paperwork Ready:

Gather all necessary documents like your passport, job contract, and any qualifications.

5. Submit Your Application:

Fill out the application form and send it with your documents.

6. Biometrics:

You will need to provide some fingerprints and photos.

7. Patience is a Virtue:

Wait for your application to be processed.

Processing Time

Usually, it takes about 30 days to get your work visa, but it can be quicker for certain types, like the Fast Track visa.

Visa Costs

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, fees range from DKK 3,165 for most work visas to DKK 6,375 for something like the Denmark Green Card Scheme.

To conclude, it can be said that Denmark offers not just a job but a lifestyle that values balance, well-being, and happiness.