Top jobs in the UK for 2024: What they pay and how to get a visa?

The UK is a top choice for professionals worldwide due to its quality of life, stunning landscapes, and numerous work benefits. In 2024, many job sectors will be in high demand, offering great opportunities for those looking to work in the UK. This article highlights five of the most sought-after jobs, their average salaries, and the visa requirements needed to work in these roles. Get to know about the exciting career prospects awaiting you in the UK and learn how to make your move successful.

  1. Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare sector in the UK is experiencing significant demand, particularly for roles in hospitals and medical centers. The National Health Service (NHS) is constantly looking for skilled professionals to fill various positions.

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In-Demand Roles and Salaries:

  • Medical Director: £103,637/year
  • Neurosurgeon: £94,434/year
  • Anaesthetist: £93,923/year
  • Plastic Surgeon: £91,826/year
  • Psychiatrist: £87,760/year
  • Cardiologist: £79,421/year
  • Director of Nursing: £72,243/year
  • Clinical Director: £66,932/year
  • General Practitioner (GP): £65,941/year
  • Pharmacist: £45,032/year

Work Visa Information:

Healthcare professionals can apply for the UK Health and Care Visa, which is designed to make it easier for medical experts to work in the UK. 

  1. Scientists

The UK is a hub for scientific research and innovation. The demand for scientists spans various fields, from environmental science to data science.

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In-Demand Roles and Salaries:

  • Environmental Scientist: £32,436/year
  • Senior Biologist: £43,630/year
  • Research Scientist: £35,387/year
  • Data Scientist: £49,501/year

Work Visa Information:

Scientists can benefit from the Skilled Worker Visa, which covers many scientific roles listed on the UK Home Office’s Shortage Occupation List.

  1. Engineers

Engineering is an important sector in the UK, with constant demand for skilled professionals across various specializations.

In-Demand Roles and Salaries:

  • Nuclear Engineer: £64,350/year
  • Data Engineer: £56,418/year
  • Software Engineer: £46,140/year
  • Robotics Engineer: £43,250/year
  • Petroleum Engineer: £38,239/year
  • Civil Engineer: £36,683/year
  • Electrical Engineer: £35,085/year
  • Biomedical Engineer: £34,925/year
  • Mechanical Engineer: £34,805/year
  • Chemical Engineer: £34,585/year
  • Aeronautical Engineer: £32,934/year

Work Visa Information:

Engineers can apply for the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa requires a job offer from a UK employer and ensures that the job meets the salary and skill level criteria.

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  1. Information Technology Professionals

With the digital transformation accelerating, IT professionals are in high demand in the UK. Roles in software development, project management, and cybersecurity are particularly sought after.

In-Demand Roles and Salaries:

  • Project Manager: £43,833/year
  • Web Design Professionals: £28,413/year
  • Programmers: £34,917/year
  • Software Development Professionals: £31,139/year
  • IT Business Analyst: £37,092/year
  • SEO Manager: £38,051/year
  • Graphic Designers: £23,583/year

Work Visa Information:

IT professionals can apply for the Skilled Worker Visa or the Global Talent Visa. The latter is particularly suitable for highly skilled professionals recognized as leaders or potential leaders in digital technology.

  1. Business Management Professionals

Business management roles are essential as more companies and startups emerge in the UK. These roles cover a wide range of responsibilities from operations to customer service.

In-Demand Roles and Salaries:

  • Operations Manager: £41,981/year
  • Store Manager: £28,498/year
  • Customer Assistant: £22,000/year

Work Visa Information:

Business management professionals typically apply for the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa category includes roles that meet specific salary and job requirements.

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Types of Work Visas in the UK

To work in the UK, you need to apply for the appropriate work visa. These visas are generally categorized into long-term and short-term visas.

Long-Term Visas

  • Skilled Worker Visa: For professionals with a job offer in a qualifying role.
  • Health and Care Worker Visa: Specifically for medical professionals.
  • Intra-company Transfer Visa: For employees transferring to a UK branch of their organization.

Short-Term Visas

  • Charity Worker Visa: For unpaid voluntary work.
  • Creative Worker Visa: For creative industry professionals.
  • Seasonal Worker Visa: For temporary agricultural work.

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Eligibility Requirements for Work Visas

To apply for a work visa, you must:

  • Have a job offer from a UK employer approved by the Home Office.
  • Obtain a “certificate of sponsorship” from your employer.
  • Also make sure your job is on the list of eligible occupations.
  • Meet the minimum salary requirements for your job.

With the right skills and visa, you can succeed in these in-demand job sectors in the UK. If you are planning to move to the UK in 2024, consider these top professions to secure a bright future. Keep visiting our page for the latest visa information and job opportunities.